Heart Of Racing Aston Martin Withdrawn After Pit Entry Shunt


Alex Riberas was fortunate to escape unscathed after a heavy impact between his #23 GTD class Heart of Racing Aston Martin Vantage and the #47 PPM Lamborghini Huracan, in the hands of Eric Lux.

The incident brought out the first Full Course Caution of the 2020 Rolex 24 Hours after 4 hours and 45 minutes as the pair of GTD cars ended up on the infield between the pit lane and the start/ finish line.

After the impact from the Aston Martin, the Lamborghini pulled into pit road across the grass, taking service but the damage to the Aston Martin was much more serious, the bonnet ending up on the race track, and the Aston Martin sporting heat front end image and a broken front left wheel.

Remarkably the Lamborghini was left with seemingly only minor damage.

Alex Riberas told the DSC Editor:

 “I was right in his slip-stream and he slammed on the brakes, there was no way to avoid him. It’s good that we stayed on the grass. I’m ok, I think the car is fixable but it cannot be fixed here. it’s sad to end like this.”

From a none too clear TV picture though it seems that the battling GTDs made contact below the yellow line, Lux looking to have gone for the pits and the Aston making the mistake of following his competitor but failing to realise, in following so closely, that he had gone for the pits!

The incident was investigated by Race Control and a stop and 60-second hold was judged against Riberas, that penalty though would be immaterial as the Vantage had suffered damage that was not repairable tonight.

The effects for the PPM Lamborghini were eventually no less serious, the damage, though not initially visually seeming as serious were, actually rear floor, gearbox, diffuser, wing and right rear suspension, further repairs necessary at every stop until the gearbox finally cried enough with four hours to go.